January 2019 Minutes

Allington Parish Council


Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held in the Village Hall

Wednesday 9 January 2019



Present:         Councillor Bosworth                       Councillor Sharp

Councillor Ashby                 Councillor Reynolds

Councillor Jackson             Councillor Plummer

Councillor Cant                    Sharon Milne (clerk)                       


Also present:   District Councillor Westropp

Janet Morton, prospective clerk

Janet Clark, Community Lincs




Opening remarks



The chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and wished everyone a Happy New Year.






There were no apologies.  All Parish Councillors were present.



Declarations of Interest



There were no declarations of interest.



Minutes of the meeting held on 14 November 2018



The minutes of both meetings were confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman of the meeting.



Correspondence received since the meeting held on 14 November 2018



The clerk reported on some of the correspondence received and sent.



  1. E-mail from Election Services – Local Elections will be on 2 May 2019
  2. Letter of interest regarding Clerk vacancy role
  3. Notification of campaign material available from NALC
  4. Emergency text alert system being tested
  5. SKDC – EnviromentSK are offering quotes for maintenance work
  6. LALC Training schedule opportunities in 2019
  7. New webmail information and email addresses
  8. Western Power stakeholder workshop on 14 February
  9. Pension Regulator re-enrolment due



Representations made to the Parish Council since the agenda has been set



There were no representations made to the Council after the agenda had been set.



Village Plan update from Community Lincs



Janet Clark reported on the work that Community Lincs had undertaken reviewing Allington’s 2013 Community Plan.  She explained that Allington’s 2013 Village Plan had been based on consultations completed in 2011 and it was in need of reviewing and updating.


There were three phases to the review:


  1. To review the success of the 2013 plan and produce a flyer for households to comment on a new review
  2. Undertake community events to gather information from the community, including primary and secondary school aged children.  Create a community-wide consultation questionnaire.
  3. Produce a report of the findings.


One questionnaire was distributed to every household with other questionnaires being made available.  The response rate was 36%.



The responses from villagers showed that Allington had many positive endorsements as a place to live.  There were many comments about the village being a picturesque, friendly, well-kept and quiet place.  It showed that village amenities and services are also highly valued.  Comments also showed that the majority of villagers feel that Allington is a safe place to live.



The findings detailed specific issues that residents have about the village.  For example, road safety is seen as a keen issue along with the state of the road repairs and lack of public transport.  There were other specific details gleaned from the survey.  Full details of these findings will be fed back to villagers soon.



The Council thanked Janet Clark for her time on the plan.  Cllr Ashby and other key members of the community that helped with this review were also thanked.



Objectives for 2019



Councilors agreed to continue with 2018 objectives, new objectives will be set by the new Council which will be elected in May 2019. The 2018 objectives are: 


  • To continue with the objective to repair to the footpath along from South Lodge to the church continues.  The matter is ongoing.  LCC are aware that the path needs attention but it is a matter of finances presently. 
  • The pavilion has been a high priority with the Playing Field Advisory Group throughout 2017 & 18.  This continues and is progressing well. 
  • The village plan should be reviewed and a new survey undertaken.


Telephone box update



The clerk reported that following the article in Allington News some contributions had been received in the Parish Council bank account for the Red Phone Box Fund.  This and further sums will be ringfenced.



Parish Clerk succession planning



The Chairman welcomed Janet Morton to the meeting.  Janet had been interviewed for, and offered, the role of Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer to the Parish Council.  It was proposed and agreed that the outgoing clerk and the new clerk will work together over the next few months to ensure a smooth hand-over, bearing in mind that the next few months will be the financial year end and audit preparation, as well as elections for a new Parish Council.  



It was agreed that Janet Morton would be contracted from Monday 28 January, and both clerks would be employed until the end of this Council’s term in May 2019.



Email addresses for Parish Councillors



All Councillors and the Parish Clerk have been allocated new email addresses, which they will use from immediate effect.  The new email service sits behind ‘allingtonpc.org.uk’.  There is no web page service, it is for emails only.



The Parish Clerk’s new email address is Parish.clerk@allingtonpc.org.uk.  Councillors’ new email addresses are now ‘Cllr.(surname)@allingtonpc.org.uk’.



Village Cross



There was no further news to report concerning the Village Cross.



Community Shelter refurbishment update



Cllr Bosworth spoke about the refurbishment of the community shelter.  The villager who had kindly offered to undertake the work will look at the shelter with his carpenter in March.  Once this is done his findings will be reported to the Council by Cllr Bosworth.



Cllr Sharp spoke about the need to work on the area of the Green which displays the Christmas tree each year.  The socket which holds the tree is in need of maintenance.  This work would go ahead.



Highway matters:



Cllr Bosworth spoke about the speed indicating device.  The monitor’s charge is not lasting as long as it used to and so needs charging more frequently.  Cllr Bosworth will contact the supplier about this.  The monitor is still fairly new and continually having to charge the device is not convenient for those who manage it and move it to the various locations around the village.  (Action point: AB)



Cllr Bosworth stated that work would be undertaken soon to fix down the benches around the village.



Playing field matters



Cllr Plummer reported on the Playing Field Advisory Group’s (PFAG) recent meeting.  The meetings, going forward will include the Playing field caretaker, GYFC and the playing field’s fundraising group’s chairman.  The following matters were reported:



The bonfire site had been completely cleared.  Although the area is still visible the grass will grow in time.


Planning application for the new build at the field is still awaiting a decision from SKDC’s Planning department.  SKDC had spoken to Cllr Bosworth and requested an extension on their decision to 28 February.  This was declined, but an extension to 21 January was agreed.



The parking policy has been reviewed by the PFAG.  The verges are in a better condition than last year as a result of GYFC parking vehicles at the top end of the field when matches are on.  This will continue.  ‘No Parking’ signs have been placed on the verges.



At the recent PFAG meeting a GYFC representative had attended. The football club is aware that there will be a review of field hire charges.  There are now three teams playing over the weekends.   It was also noted that GYFC are keen to promote their club as a village asset. 



As highlighted on the RoSPA report there are some small works necessary that will be done by a contractor.  Quotes will be obtained for this work.



The Wicksteed Flyer climbing frame will be painted later this year.   It was agreed that it would be good to restore the Flyer to its original colour scheme.  To ensure that the restoration colours are accurate Cllr Plummer will contact Wicksteed for details of original colours that it would have been painted when new.  (Action point: JP)



400 spring bulbs will be planted in the community wood.



The next meeting of the PFAG will be on Wednesday 13 February – 7pm, in the Welby Arms.



Planning matters



Applications received and determined since the last Parish Council meeting on 14 November 2018:



  • Approval – Ashes Farm, Side Street – Fell Willow
  • Application & approval – The Cottage, The Green – reduce cedar by 4m
  • Application – Hive Cottage, Foston Road – erection of porch
  • Application – 64 Park Road – fell two pines



Cllr Bosworth reminded Councillors that the Council is not a statutory consultee for applications on trees, despite this, it is still notified of applications.  It was proposed and agreed that the Planning Advisory Group would develop a set wording for comments on these applications which would be preferable than having no comments recorded at all.   Cllr Cant commented that a large number of trees in the village have been lost over recent years which have not been diseased.  (Action point: PAG)



Financial matters



The clerk reported on the income and outgoings since the last meeting on 14 November 2018



Income total - £31.12


Parish Council

  • Bank interest - £11.12
  • Red phone box donations - £20.00




Outgoings total - £1,259.89


Parish Council

  • P E Hempstead – £521.70

(LG(MP)A 1976 s19)

  • Opus Energy - £25.67

(LG(MP)A 1976 s19)

  • HMRC - £329.00

(LGA1972, s112)

  • Skip hire - £150.00

(LG(MP)A 1976 s19)

  • Parish Councils Websites - £223.55

(Data Protection Act 1998)

  • Padlock - £9.97

(LG(MP)A 1976 s19)




Plus Clerk and Caretakers’ salaries.

(LGA 1972 s 112)



Councillors unanimously approved the payments retrospectively.  



The clerk presented the budget and suggested precept requirement for the financial year 2019/20.  After discussion, it was agreed to maintain the level of precept at £18k.  The clerk will submit this requirement to SKDC.  (Action point: clerk)



Any other business for future meetings



The following would be on the agenda at the next Parish Council meeting:


  • Village plan
  • Social media policy



Date of next meeting



The next Parish Council meeting will be on Wednesday 13 March 2019 at 7.30pm. 








Signed: -----------------------------------  (Chairman).  Date:  --------------------------------------