January 2023 Minutes

Allington Parish Council


Notes of Parish Council Meeting held at Allington Village Hall

11 January 2023

Attendees       Cllr Plummer                          

Cllr Mould

Cllr Sharp

Cllr Goodall                            

Cllr Marsh

Cllr Reynolds                         

Cllr Scott

Janet Morton Clerk    


District Councillor Mark Whittington



Cllr Plummer welcomed everyone to the meeting and wished everyone a happy new year.



            District Cllr Pam Bosworth



No Declarations of Members interests in relation to agenda items were declared.

No requests for dispensations from Members were received.



It was resolved to accept the Clerk’s notes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting held on 9 November 2022 to be approved as minutes.




Vale Planning acting on behalf of Clifford McCabe Ltd re The Rookery

Sedgebrook Road overgrown verges

Grantham Transport Strategy summary document

LGA Model Code of Conduct

Lives asking for a donation – to be discussed at the Annual Parish Council meeting in May

Bruno Peek – Kings coronation and D Day 80

Free Fully Funded EV Charge Points for your Community -This was discussed and agreed that it is not something that Allington currently requires.

Funding for Community Facilities – This does not cover solar panels

Ringrose Law re will of Mary Thompson

Share your views on the Budget and council tax proposal 2023/24 for SKDC



Income was noted since 9 November 2022 as outlined in the respective Finance Reports.

Total incoming since last meeting  
01-Nov-22 Eon Refurnd 5.49
01-Nov-22 Best Kept Village Prize Fund 300.00
02-Nov-22 Donation 10.00
05-Nov-22 Bank Interest 9.67
08-Nov-22 SKDC Community Cleaner Grant 463.32
22-Nov-22 Easy Fundraising 55.30
23-Nov-22 Allington Playing Field Fundraisers 1.00
02-Dec-22 Donation 10.00
02-Dec-22 Allington Playing Field Fundraisers 2800.00
05-Dec-22 Bank Interest 11.21
  Total incoming 3,665.99


It was resolved to approve the expenditure since 9 November 2022 as outlined in the respective Finance Reports. Proposed by Cllr Marsh, seconded by Cllr Mould and agreed unanimously.

Total outgoing since last meeting  
01-Nov-22 Allington VH Defib Electric 25.00
14-Nov-22 PWLB (Shed Loan) 2127.00
26-Nov-22 Bank Charges 5.80
26-Nov-22 Phenominal Fireworks 80.00
26-Nov-22 R Davenport (Petanque Piste) 236.79
28-Nov-22 Phenominal Fireworks 1000.00
03-Dec-22 P E Hempstead 378.00
03-Dec-22 P E Hempstead 378.00
04-Dec-22 P E Hempstead 378.00
04-Dec-22 Bank Charges 5.00
29-Dec-22 J Plummer (printing for clld bbq) 60.63
29-Dec-22 Scott Burland (PF post in play area) 140.00
29-Dec-22 Scott Burland (Bench base) 280.00
29-Dec-22 J Morton (Mince Pies Tree lighting) 19.80
29-Dec-22 D Smedley (Moss Killer for MUGA) 39.99
29-Dec-22 Opus Energy  71.69
29-Dec-22 Parish Council Websites(BWP) 108.00
29-Dec-22 J Morton (pans for chafers) 28.48
31-Dec-22 HMRC 328.40
  Salaries 1961.04
  Total Outgoing  7651.62


It was resolved to approve the Quarterly Accounts from October to end of December 2022.  Proposed Cllr Scott, seconded by Cllr Goodall and unanimously agreed.

Clerk's report      
Quarter ending  Dec-22    
    Opening balance £33,042.12
PFC (ringfenced) income  £  2,801.00    
Red Phone Box (ringfenced)  £       30.00    
Easy Fundraising  £       55.30    
Bank Interest  £       28.36    
Refund from Eon  £          5.49    
Best Kept Village Prize   £     300.00    
Community Cleaner Grant  £     463.32    
sub total £3,683.47   £36,725.59
PFC (ringfenced)   £  3,428.22    
Salaries & Income Tax  £  2,945.91    
Administration expenses  £     363.80    
Playing field outgoings   £     844.31    
Village maintenance   £  2,006.59    
S137    £       80.43    
sub total  £  9,669.26    
    Closing balance 27,056.33


The budget to end of December actuals was noted and agreed.  This can be seen on the website.


Other Business

The precept for 2023/4 has been submitted to SKDC.

The application to open a business account with Unity Trust is being processed.



Village Cross Plaque

Cllr Plummer has obtained one quote for a plaque. The plaque is made of 3mm thick stainless steel, size 500mm wide by 350mm high to take A3 size artwork. The quotation is for £225.00 plus VAT.

It has been considered that the lectern for the plaque to be placed on could be made from hard moulded plastic similar to the benches at the playing field prices to be collected and presented to the council in March,

Cllr Plummer and Cllr Mould have discussed the information to go on the plaque which will also be presented to the council for agreement.


Moving of the Bench in front of the Village Cross

Cllr Plummer informed the council that the bench has now been moved to a new concrete base at the cross site ready for the plaque to be placed on the old base in.



Cllr Marsh presented to the council a breakdown of her role since being given the role of fundraising for the red phone box.  The fundraising was done on the basis that the phone box would possibly be used to house the village defibrillator.  This was discussed in September 2019 and agreed in the March 2022 meeting.  Therefore, the red phone box was ordered with everything in place for the defibrillator to be fitted.  When the phone box was delivered it came with ‘telephone’ glass not ‘defibrillator’ glass in the top.  After discussion with villagers most would not like to see this changed.

Cllr Marsh looked at the important areas that a defibrillator would be most advantageous, these being the village hall, playing field and the public house.  The most central position for these areas is the red phone box.

Whilst at a gathering in the village hall Cllr Marsh asked people if they knew we had a defibrillator and where it was located. Most were unaware and would presume if there was one it would be in the phone box due to most other villages using theirs for this purpose.

In wrapping up her presentation Cllr Marsh was of the opinion that we should leave the defibrillator where it is at the village hall and when funds allow to purchase a second defibrillator for the phone box.

In response Cllr Plummer said that he also has asked around about the top glass in the phone box and was of the opinion that the ‘telephone’ glass should remain regardless what is inside.

Cllr Reynolds said that it looks perfect as it is and would not like to see the exterior altered.

It was agreed it is a nice historic piece of furniture and a wraparound sign saying defibrillator inside would detract from its authenticity. It was agreed that most people in the country relate to red phone boxes as housing defibrillators.

Cllr Scott raised the point that it was important that the right decision should be made, he was of the preference of moving the defibrillator to the red phone box when the housing box no longer functioned.  A new box would cost approximately £500.

Cllr Mould who is currently responsible for the maintaining of the defibrillator at the village hall informed the council that the defibrillator is now about 7 years old and is coming to the end of its life and suggested that it should remain where it is.

Cllr Scott therefore proposed that a second defibrillator be purchased and placed in the phone box when funds allow, this was seconded by Cllr Sharp and unanimously agreed by all councillors.



Cllr Goodall informed the council that Treescape who planted the trees along Marston Lane last year have funding to replace the trees that died due to the summer drought on and will be replanting shortly.It is hoped that oak trees will be amongst the plantings

A watering rota needs to be in place for the summer so they survive this year.



MUGA maintenance

Moss killer has been sprayed around the MUGA and the children’s play area by the village caretaker this will help to maintain the areas.


Petanque Piste

The upgrade of the Petanque piste is ongoing.


Car Park

Cllr Marsh suggested clearing the far end of the car park to provide further car parking spaces.  Various thoughts were given by councillors however they were reminded that in the November minutes they agreed to have a site meeting to discuss ready for the January meeting.  Unfortunately, this has not taken place and has now been agreed that this will take place ready for the March meeting.


            Community Wood

Possibly one tree and half of another appear to be dying and require looking at.  Cllr Goodall has said he will accompany a tree surgeon to look them if necessary. 

Treescape have also agreed to replace the dead trees in the playing field and community wood.




Applicant: Mr & Mrs Machin

Proposal: Replacement timber sliding box sash windows

Location: Corner House, The Green, Allington, Lincolnshire, NG32 2EA

App Type: Listed Building Consent


Applicant: Bernard Norton

Proposal: Proposed dropped kerb.

Location: 2 Sedgebrook Road, Allington, Lincolnshire, NG32 2DW


Applicant: Mr R Gilbert

Proposal: Removal of 2 apple and a small cherry tree

Location: St James, Side Street, Allington, Lincolnshire, NG32 2DZ



Solar panels are not permitted in a conservation area therefore the village hall would not normally be permitted. 

However, Cllr Goodall spoke to someone at planning and they said that due to the push for renewable energy they believe that this may be permitted on the front elevation with a Planning Permission application. 

Cllr Goodall will continue to look into this.



Cllr Plummer was spoken to by a resident regarding the overgrown hedges on Sedgebrook road.  The resident was advised to put the issue on Fix my Street with photographs.  Lincoln Highways will contact the landowner to rectify.  If a number of people put in the same complaint in it will raise the bar on the issue for a speedier resolution.



Cllr Scott has sent emails to the various groups around the village to see if they want to do anything for the Coronation.  As of yet he has had no response.

The beacons are not being lit for the Coronation.  There is a possibility that they will be lit for D Day in 2024.



Zero Carbon Parish Funding

Jubilee Tree Planting

Village Cross plaque

MUGA maintenance

Red Phone Box


Annual Parish Meeting

Car Park expansion

Petanque piste



            Wednesday 8 March 2023