January 2020 Minutes



Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held in the Village Hall

Wednesday 8 January 2020


Present:         Councillor Plummer                        Councillor Reynolds          

Councillor Marsh                 Councillor Goodall

                        Councillor Jackson             Councillor Mould

                        Janet Morton (clerk)


Apologies      Councillor Sharpe


Guests           District Councillor Pam Bosworth

                        District Councillor Hannah Westropp

1 Villager



1          Opening remarks

1.1       Chairman opened the evening, welcomed the councillors and villagers thanking everyone for attending. 


2          Apologies

2.1       Councillor Sharpe - Unwell


3          Declarations of Interest

3.1       There were no declarations of interest.


4          Minutes of the annual meeting held on 13 November 2019

4.1       The minutes were confirmed as a true record and signed by the Chairman of the meeting.


5          Correspondence received since the meeting held on 13 November 2019

5.1       The clerk reported on some of the correspondence received and sent

            Tallent Solicitors re Land Registry of Village Hall

            GallifordTry ref Grantham Southern Relief Ring road

            Western Power re Xmas Tree Lighting

            Came & Co Insurance re Playing field Storage Facility

            Letter from District Councillor Hannah Westropp


6          Red Telephone Box Update

6.1       Donations from an anonymous donor continues.

6.2       £300 raised from a very popular Wine tasting evening hosted by Garry Marsh.

6.3       Cllr Marsh to continue to seek options of purchasing (Action Point Cllr Marsh)


7          Village Market Cross

7.1       Quote received from one stone mason of £15,000.00 Cllr Mould to see how much repair would be rather than full restoration. (Action Point: Cllr Mould)

7.2       £138.00 donated by the WI selling tea and cakes.







8          Speed Indicators

8.1       Cllr Mould has produced some statistics so we can monitor the speed of traffic through the village.  Cllr Goodall to assist with the statistics from the system.

 (Action Point Cllr Mould & Cllr Goodall)


9          Gateways into the village costings

9.1       3 gateways leading into the village for traffic calming, unable to clarify due to illness (Action Point Cllr Sharp)


10        Social Media and email       

10.1     All councillors to only use Allington.org.uk site for Parish Council Business as of 1st Feb.

            This was agreed unanimously.   


11        AGRA

11.1     Quotes for the defibrillator, siting and installation have been presented to the council for consideration.  Cllr Jackson proposed that the full amount should be given to AGRA from the LIVES account this was seconded by Cllr Mould and agreed unanimously by the other councillors.

11.2     Hedges and verges continue to be an issue.  A letter to the land owner to be sent (Action Point Cllr Plummer)


12        Verges/Highways/Footpaths          

12.1     Bottesford Rd verges who is responsible etc.  A villager kindly mows them at the moment but would like to know who should be doing them and how often.  It is believed that the County Council should be doing them but this is thought to be only twice a year.  Alternative options for the mowing to be looked at. (Action Point Cerk)


13        Playing Field Matters

a)         The new storage facility now been completed and handover given to the village.  The builder has also levelled the car park and spread gravel.  Shelving has been purchased.  An opening party hopefully around May will be held.  The loan for the build has now been received.

b)         Charges for GYFC – Annual charge to be agreed.  (Action Point Cllr Plummer Cllr Jackson & Cllr Sharpe)

c)         Petanque Piste - Villager Richard Davenport is going to oversee and report to the Council. An interim pitch will be on the car park until the new one is built.

d)         Community Wood - Cllr Reynolds is going to review the management of the wood and create a management policy. (Action Point Cllr Reynolds & Cllr Goodall)

e)         MUGA usage – Some people have been using the area for dog training.  Animals should not be taken into this area and signage is to be placed on the fencing to this effect. (Action Point Clerk)


16        Planning Matters

16.1     Applications received and determined since the last Parish Council meeting on 13 November 2019.

  • Application – Allington Manor for an extension - revision. 
  • Application – Tree and hedge tidying - Beech Croft, The Green
  • Application – Leylandii felling Bottom Street


The Parish Council has no concerns on any of these applications.




17        Financial Matters

a)         The Clerk reported on the income and outgoings since the last meeting on 13 November 2019.



            Income total – £20401.76


Parish Council

  • Bank interest - £3.71
  • PWLB Loan £19975.00
  • WI Cake Sale for market Cross £138.00
  • Wine Tasting Event for Red Phone Box £300.00



      Outgoings total - £9892.97


Parish Council

  • P E Hempstead – £340.00
  • Opus Energy - £26.10
  • NSA Builder - £8697.97
  • HMRC - £192.97
  • Salaries and Expenses - £255.93
  • Skip Hire - £200.00
  • Xmas Tree - £180.00


            Councillors unanimously approved the payments retrospectively,

b)         New internal auditor to be sought (Action Point Clerk)

c)         The Precept budget was reviewed and it was agreed that the precept to remain the same for the next financial year.

d)         LALC – It was unanimously agreed to continue to pay the subscription for the training that LALC offers.



19        Business for Future Meetings

19.1     The following will be on the agenda at the next Parish Council Meeting.

  • Village Cross update
  • Red Telephone Box
  • New Auditor
  • Grass verge cutting
  • Storage Unit Opening Party
  • LALC


20        Date of Next Meeting

20.1     The next Parish Council Meeting will be on Wednesday 11 March 2020 at 19:30




Signed:  ……………………………….………. (Chairman).  Date:  ………………………….