Coronavirus helpline update

Parish Council Helpline

Covid-19 Lockdown 2 & Beyond

Well, we all hoped that we had said goodbye to lockdowns and the restrictions it brings to our lives. Sadly, not so, here we go again for at least a month.

So, I wanted to reassure you all that the Allington Village helpline is still available to those in genuine need of help and support. It will continue to be there for you for as long as it is needed.

If you are particularly medically vulnerable, have no means of transport or on your own and just need a chat. Please remember help is here.

Volunteers are still welcome, if you feel you could help just let me know using the contact details below. Stay safe everyone.

Cllr Mike Mould

26 The Hawthorns, Allington Gardens. Allington.

Phone: 01400 281977 / Mob: 07779746135