Plant a Tree for the Jubilee

The Queen's Green Canopy Project

Would you like to plant some trees in honour of the Queen's Jubilee? If so, see below.

Can you suggest some land where trees could be planted for all to enjoy? Please contact


Dear sir/madam,

I am sure you will be aware that on 6 February 2022 Her Majesty The Queen is celebrating a unique and remarkable achievement of 70 years on the throne and a lifetime of dedication and service to this country. This is something that is unlikely to be repeated any time soon. Lincolnshire has a proud tradition of supporting the Monarchy through the Lord-Lieutenant who is currently Toby Dennis. As one of his deputies, Mr Gary Waterfall CBE DL FRAeS has been asked to encourage you to support the Queen’s Green Canopy Project. This is intended to firstly thank Her Majesty for what she has done for the Nation, and also to create a lasting legacy to remind future generations of her exceptional leadership and example. The Project Overview can be found at You will see at the link that all planted trees will be recorded on an interactive map.

The Lord-Lieutenant is hoping that you will support this project and mark this important event in the history of our country by planting trees within your respective areas. If you would like support in planting trees, the Woodland Trust may be able to help you plan planting and have a number of trees that can be supplied free of charge if the trees are to be grown on publicly accessible land. See for more detail.

This will act as a reminder to future generations of the remarkable lady, Queen Elizabeth II. It will also leave a lasting legacy for our children and grandchildren to enjoy in the same way our ancestors planted trees many years ago for us to enjoy today.

On behalf of Mr Waterfall, may I thank you for taking the time to consider your Council’s participation in this scheme.

Kindest regards

Graham Watts AEA (Cert)
Head of Democratic Services and Deputy Monitoring Officer
Council Offices, St. Peter’s Hill
Grantham, Lincolnshire, NG31 6PZ
Tel: (01476) 406224

Published: Monday, 17th January 2022