Age UK call for volunteers to help with visitor COVID protocols in Care Homes

As a local (Allington) resident I receive and read the Saxonwell Group Parish News and I thought this may be of interest to other readers and friends.

At Age UK we have a new volunteering initiative in the area. As you may know, Age UK is a long established and respected member of the charitable services community and we have been heavily involved on Covid related activities including staffing vaccination centres since the need arose.

The initiative is designed to help Care Homes by relieving some of the burden of receiving, testing and processing visitors.

Age UK will provide, at no cost to the Care Home, trained volunteers who will welcome and register visitors, help them complete a Covid test, register the result, assist with correct donning and doffing of PPE and generally make them welcome. This should significantly reduce the burden on Care Home staff and free them up to do their other duties.

As many readers of Saxonwell News and other parishioners may have experience of visiting care homes to see elderly relatives, perhaps this is something which might strike a chord and be of interest. I emphasise, this is completely without charge to either volunteers or care homes. And the time commitment is small, maybe 3-4 hours per week, and flexible to fit into people’s availability.

For more information or for potential volunteers to get in touch please use my contact details below


Kind regards,

Mark Elgar | Project Coordinator – Volunteer Visitor Hosts

Age UK Lincoln & South Lincolnshire  |  36 Park Street  |  Lincoln  |  LN1 1UQ

Telephone: 03455 564144 | Ext: 1102  |  Mobile: 07508 342288

Published: Friday, 24th September 2021